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Dean Green Policy

Green Policy

The hotel has completed a £60,000 + programme of energy saving measures spanning the last 18 months.

Biggest change has been the replacement of its two ancient and cumbersome one-time oil -fired boilers which were converted when North Sea gas became available in the UK, around 40-45 years ago. 

A £40,000 redevelopment has seen them replaced by eight wall-hung mini condensing boilers which should use at least 20% less gas as well as being more efficient and reliable.

The vast roof area has been completely insulated and a voltage optimiser introduced on the premises which should cut total electricity consumption by 7% by reducing the level of supply.

More than 150 new low-energy ceiling lights have been installed across all floors of the hotel with LED bulbs brought in everywhere.

Heat exchangers have been introduced to take latent heat out of the air and pump it back where needed and panels have been placed behind all radiators to reflect the heat and prevent wastage.

"I'm not an eco-warrior but the energy saving measures make good business sense and I just think everyone should do what they can to reduce carbon emissions," said hotel director Nick Mobbs.

"It's expensive but there is a payback over around 10 years and there are instant cuts in bills and clear savings on fuel usage.

"One hotel corridor which has to be lit 24/7 for safety reasons will now cost around £40 instead of £400 a year in power - and it is better lit!

"The advantage of the new boilers is enormous. It just needed someone to turn on a hot tap anywhere in the hotel and one of the massive old boilers would have to crank up. Now each small one comes on only as it is needed."

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